The story of One B Wine

One B WineFirst of all, it’s a family business …

MY GRANDFATHER, Maurice Ninot, was born in Pommard and worked throughout his life in the wine business, from wine transport to financing wine producers. In the 1960s, he decided to create his own company, called Societe Bourguignogne d’Embouteillage. This company had three main activities: Analysis of the wines of Burgundy producers; bottling producers’ wines; and selling those wines across Europe, the USA and Japan.

One of the key factors in his success was that he knew the best producers in his regions and had a loyal and growing client network, such as Alexis Lichine and Robert Mondavi. Thanks to this and his own hard work, he successfully spread the word far and wide about the innate quality and excellence of Burgundy wines and was able to promote them to an ever-increasing clientele. When my grandfather chose to retire, my parents took over and maintained the same philosophy – long-term relationships with clients and wine producers and the promotion of wines of remarkable quality.

Time to go back to my roots …

I GREW UP in this wine environment, learning how to taste wine with my grandfather from the age of four! With my family background, the extensive experience in wine passed on to me and my desire to share my knowledge of the wonderful wines of Burgundy, I created One B Wine.

Burgundy is a complex region and it’s not only the history, the terroirs and the appellations but the region’s many devoted wine producers who make the real difference and create such excellent wines.

My objective for One B Wine, first and foremost, is to select the very best wine producers and share with you what I have found to be the very best white and red wines from this fascinating region.

Burgundy wines …
… partners in my life

BURGUNDY WINES captivate people because they offer freshness, taste and texture.

When I open a bottle of Burgundy, I am enjoying a unique creation and sharing with all those small producers the expertise and passion they have brought to their produce, trying to understand what they sought to reveal from their diverse terroirs. It’s also sharing a moment of deep happiness. My selections of Burgundy wines for One B Wine reflect the authenticity and elegance of their workmanship.

Both One B Wine and I personally can guarantee your pleasure when you drink one of our carefully chosen wines. You will experience a true “Coup de Coeur”. Enjoy your One B Wine Burgundy and, as we would say in my family, “Bonne degustation et large soif”!

Natacha VOLAND