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Ever wondered about the Burgundy wine domaines we choose for Singapore? In fact, the selection process (wine producers first and then appellations second) is KEY! 

Clearly, being born in Beaune and having my parents in the wine business helps a lot!

I have known some wine producers in the Burgundy region since I was a kid or a teenager (as I was helping out, during my summer holidays, with bottling wines at the wine producers’ sites). This precious long term relationship with those producers (like Domaine Simon Bize, Domaine Michelot…) helped me when One B Wine started in Singapore, a few years ago. 

Regarding the wine producers whom I didn’t personally know, they mainly came through word of mouth and reputation in the region. My dad, being in Beaune and working here, knows everything that is happening in this business. It’s a small town and everyone knows each other. So, he is the one telling me about quality-driven producers and the future stars of the region, like Domaine Masse (Givry) or Domaine Jacqueson (Rully)…

Once we identify new producers, we together go for wine tastings at their cellars and try out their wines. Most of the time, what he hears about these producers is regarding the quality of their wines. If so, I start ordering their wines and ship them in the next container to Singapore. 

In December 2021, my dad and I did a lot of wine producers’ tastings because Covid 19 hadn’t given us the chance to do any for 2 years. So, we went back to visit the ‘usual’ ones (like Domaine Bize, Masse, Jacqueson, Pernot…), but we also went to the big names to try to have direct allocations (like Domaine Hudelot Noellat, Henri Boillot…). We also tried “future star producers” like Domaine J.B. Jessiaume, where we had the best tasting of the year. This 32-year-old producer is really unusual and is making fabulous wines! I will tell you more when his wine bottles arrive in Singapore in 3 weeks.

Once we have selected the producers, I look at their appellations and usually take their most well-known ones and a selection of others. Some producers have only white or red appellations and some are lucky to have both. Depending on their portfolio, I carefully select appellations that I know will be easily recognisable for my Singaporean clients. 🙂 In the past, I selected appellations like “Marsannay” or “Chorey les Beaune” which were not really successful (because they are lesser-known) even though the wines are really good.

While selecting appellations, ordering quantity is another issue…

Burgundy vineyards, in general, are limited (not as big as Bordeaux or the Côtes du Rhône regions). On top of this, for the last few years, due to climate changes, producers have been facing frost, not enough rain, and extreme heat during summer, making the vines suffer and unable to produce a normal yield. So, while the producers’ volume has been coming down every year, the demand for Burgundy wines is increasing, creating a shortage and price increase.

When I select appellations at the producers’ sites, I am always begging to have enough quantity but it’s up to the producers to decide. Sometimes, I am lucky to get what I ordered, sometimes I am not and there is no way for me to bargain prices. I take it or I leave it… 

Those producers with whom I am working are doing a fantastic job and I am really a big fan of what they are making! I am really lucky to work with them and to know them! 

“Bonne degustation et large soif!”


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