Pommard “Les Vignots” 2020 Domaine Monnot Xavier

France - Burgundy - Cote de Beaune

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Xavier Monnot is a leading wine maker in Meursault whose winemaking style emphasizes prurity of fruit, elegance and complexity. Xavier can trace his mother’s ancestors, the Monnier, back to 1723, with six generations of winegrowing. He took over the vineyard in 1994 and strated replanting parcels with a combination of old vines and new clones and upgraded the cellar with modern equipment. In 2005, along with improvements in the vineyard & cellar, he began bottling his wines under his own label.

Xavier is very meticulous about treating each plot personnaly and have a 'lutte raisonee' (low intervention and low/no pesticides) phylosphy.All grapes are manually harvested. He is restricting yields for quality and concentration and intervening as little as possible.
Should be served between 14 to 16 degree
Spicy and pepper dishes, beef ribs, lamb, poultry stew. Cheeses like Epoisse, Langres, Soumaintrain, any intense flavored cheeses.


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